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“I reached a major low point. I was devastated and had nothing left. I had left the company I had started, had no plans for the future, and had no place to call home. After releasing the electro-pop singles “Drain My Love” and “Losing my Mind” in 2018, Kaerhart took a three-year break from recording music. “I wound up living this very unexpected nomadic life between New York City and Los Angeles,” she says.

Her newest video and single, “Heart of Stone,” were exclusively released on Flaunt. It is a song about triumph and healing from the most difficult period of her life and the next stage in Kaerhart’s musical development. Kaerhart is well-known for her dynamic vocals, skillful storytelling, and tight production that combines elements of alternative and electronic music. She is also a writer, performer, and producer. The guitars and synths in “Heart of Stone” emphasize that sense of triumph and success.

Kaerhart describes the process: “After a painful breakup, I wrote this song about fully accepting all parts of me—shadow and all.” When the hook came to me, I was homeless and moving between cities, leading an odd life of nomadism. I used to try to be tough, which meant not showing my feelings (heart of stone), but being this heartbroken nomad tore my heart out completely. I came to the realization that is the true path to self-knowledge, empowerment, and the acceptance of my softness and vulnerability.

The video for “Heart of Stone” was initially intended to be an “epic,” with stylists, videographers, and what Kaerhart referred to as “pulling out all of the stops.” Kaerhart came to the realization that this vision no longer matched the song as she planned this out.

I made the decision to film it in Asheville, North Carolina. I came to the realization that flying to a city to shoot a music video, donning makeup, and getting super dressed up was no longer me. The majority of the past year was spent in the forest, wearing loose, comfortable clothes and no makeup. Why not tell the truth about where I am right now? Fortunately, I was near my insanely talented director and videographer, Andrew Anderson, and we immediately clicked. The music video was shot in a single day in a variety of Asheville mountains locations. It adds a new dimension to the song, in my opinion.

Kaerhart will release a number of new titles in 2021 and beyond, including this one. In addition to her work as a singer-songwriter, Kaerhart is an author whose debut book was published by Penguin Randomhouse; Cosmic Code Is You: In 2020, essential numerology Along with renowned tarot artist Serpentfire, Kaerhart is also the creator of the oracle deck Celestial Bodies.

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