Michael Ede, Setting an Example for Others to Follow

By: Golnaz


One person, Michael Ede, is a professional, businessman, sports fan, and serial entrepreneur who sets a good example and strongly holds the aforementioned quote. He has earned the qualities and titles he is known for today through unwavering effort, dedication, and a sincere desire for success.

“One learns from their experiences and journeys;” This saying is true for Michael Ede because he learned a lot about himself and the world around him on his way to the top. He knew that his passion for business would lead him to success because he came from a humble background. He believed in himself and the goals he had set for himself. He encountered many people who failed and gave up while working hard, but he was unique. Michael Ede never deviated from his path and persevered until he reached his objective because he had his thoughts set on greater things and a brighter future.

Regardless of profession, social status, or affiliation, almost everyone experiences similar fears at some point in their lives. Unwavering mindsets lead to prosperous outcomes. People deal with the fear of being judged, rejected, and unaccepted, among other fears, on a daily basis. A strong-minded person, on the other hand, is distinguished from others by these fears.

Michael Maigeri Ede, who was from Nigeria, had a similar outlook on life. He also struggled with similar feelings and fears, but he was focused on his future and got through them easily. His ultimate objective was to become an entrepreneur, and he was aware of the fundamental steps he needed to take to get there. To start and run a business of his own, he needed to be educated, have enough work experience, and have good business sense. Ede received a B.Sc. in Biochemistry while pursuing his undergraduate degree. from the University of Jos, Nigeria, with honors. Michael relocated to the United Kingdom in order to broaden his horizons and investigate his options.

People often feel scared when they move to a new country because they have to adjust to a new culture, meet new people, and start from scratch. Michael Ede knew he had to work hard and knew he had to start small to reach his goal. In 2004, he started working as a contractor as a Project Support Officer at NHS Foundation Trust, Southend University Hospital. He continued working there until the end of his contract before joining T-Mobile as a Junior Finance Analyst. Michael Ede chose the positions from which he could learn and gain experience wisely and specifically because he had a clear vision of becoming a businessman.

Ede became a Project Portfolio Manager at eBay Enterprise in 2006, and the following year, he held the position of Project Manager at Lehman Brothers. Michael Ede switched jobs after gaining a lot of experience at previous jobs. He worked at Atlantic Asset Management Bank, RBS, Satander Global Banking and Marketing, Lloyds Banking Group, and The Mont Consulting Ltd. Before joining Capgemini as a Senior Consultant, he worked there for over three years. After that, he held the positions of Lead Scrum Master for Barclays Investment Banking and Pega Project Manager for HSBC. In a similar vein, he held positions at Anglian Water Services, Willis Towers Watson, HSBC Commercial Banking, and the Bank of Ireland (BOI). Ede enrolled in the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School (MMUBS) simultaneously, and in 2011, he earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The story of Michael Ede demonstrates that success is certain to come slowly. It is the result of unwavering focus, perseverance, and consistency. He was now prepared to launch his consulting business after a decade of employment. He referred to his business as “Maigmike Consulting.” He joined AstraZeneca in 2019 as a Deployment Lead for seven months while working on his startup.

Michael Ede was a devoted magnate who also maintained his interest in sports. Ede is a member of the Professional Football Agents Association (PROFAA) and a licensed Registered Intermediary for the Football Association (FA). He established Uplift11 in 2020, putting his passion into practice. He created this platform to showcase undiscovered sports talent from around the world, particularly from Asia, Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. He serves as their intermediary across leagues and clubs and prepares them for the future. He also negotiates contracts, manages their finances, does commercials and endorsements for these people, and his company helps them get ready for the professional sports world.

He has collaborated with well-known professional players like Lewis Horner, Toni Kuko, and Lugiani Gallardo, among others. He has worked with coaches who are well-known for their coaching styles, Sergey Matveyev and Emanuele Ferraro.

Followers do not come from leaders. Ede, who is heavily influenced by this quote, also serves as a mentor and assists struggling individuals in discovering their passion and purpose in life. Ede will become Brighter Connect’s Director of Training and Development in 2021. He is a proud father of two children from his wife, Sarah Ede, and currently resides in the United Kingdom.



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