Meet Fernando Alonso, the most well-known two-time Formula One World Champion

By: Golnaz


Meet Fernando Alonso, the most well-known two-time Formula One World Champion. After 17 years in the sport, Alonso has lost interest in it.

He stated, “Formula One requires a complete dedication of your life.” Everything else is irrelevant: Love, friendships, and family all have no bearing on one’s life. I believe it has been sufficient because you must dedicate your life to Formula One success.

Alonso, who is now 37 years old, began his professional career when he was twenty years old. He has won 32 world titles and 97 podium finishes in these years, including two world titles.

The Spanish driver stated in an interview, “To be honest, what I have achieved was unexpected because if I look back to when I was a kid in go-karts, I never thought I would become a Formula One driver.” For a Spanish child like me, Formula One was just a wild dream.

He said that the game involved pretending to be someone else, sometimes by being rude, arrogant, or humble, all in an effort to intimidate opponents when they meet in turn one.

Alonso will continue to race in the World Endurance Championship the following year, but he will not compete in Formula One.

He stated, “I will miss the cars, the technology, and the race approach.” “I will miss the race approach, just searching for perfection on a timed lap in a car that goes beyond physics at times because all other categories are of a lower level.” I will definitely miss that kind of feeling, that perfectionism.

He won the World Championship and Championship in 2005 and 2006, respectively. He described the events as unfathomable. After racing for five years for Realnut, he signed a four-year contract with Ferrari in 2010. In 2015, he returned to McLaren in an effort to revive the team’s prestige and fortune. However, his efforts have been marred by mechanical issues, resulting in him forfeiting approximately 30% of his races.

Fellow drivers have praised Fernando Alonso as an exceptional driver, with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton stating that Alonso’s perseverance and resilience should be emulated by other drivers. Carlos Sainz, a fellow countryman, has stated that Formula One will undoubtedly feel Alonso’s absence, describing him as a person of undeniable talent. Additionally, he said that he hoped the two-time champion would one day fall back in love with the game.

In Austurias, Spain, Alonso runs a karting school where young people who want to become Alonso one day and are interested in karting can get training.



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