Jordan Alexander King, better known as King Komm, is dedicated to supporting independent artists’ career advancement; collaborates with venture capitalists.

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Jordan King, who performs under the stage name King Komm and was formerly known as Xander, is an artist based in Toronto who is also a successful entrepreneur with numerous Canadian ventures. By partnering with venture capitalists, he is now ushering in a new era in the music business by providing independent artists with a platform from which to launch their careers and reach a wider audience.

Established in 2011, Jordan’s music label Komm Music continues to add value by supporting artists like Say Rex and has been recognized for producing valuable music. He has put out amazing music, such as “Love Find Us” and “Crazy,” which features Sean Kingston and is from his most recent album. All music charts are showing an increase in the music’s popularity, and weekly streams are significantly increasing.

There are three artists on Komm Music, all of whom have exciting projects in the works. Jordan truly believes in providing young artists with a platform for showcasing their skills and finding an audience. He created a joint venture agreement with Lil’ C to bridge the gap between new Canadian artists and seasoned producers. Jordan attributed the incredible success of Kommunity, the parent company of Komm Music, to the team’s commitment to producing top-notch music and creative problem-solving. This agreement saw a few successful collaborations, such as Roney and Pilla B from Toronto. He stated, “I have been involved in this industry by producing music or developing and managing talent since I found my passion in music early on.”

Komm wants to provide every talented artist with the opportunity to make music because it believes in the power that music possesses. King Komm is a well-known musician with a number of hits under his belt, and one of the aspects of Komm Music is supporting new artists.

His single “Rider,” which features Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates and Since its release in 2017, Say Rex has enjoyed significant success, receiving millions of streams. Another popular one is “Don’t Know Y’all,” co-written by Lil’ C Gutta and featuring Atlanta’s Young Dro on the album “The Takeover.” Gutta is known for his work with T.I., Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, Jeezy, and Meek Mill.

He as of late worked together with Demonstrate and delivered singles “Flipping out” and “Gone tomorrow.” Both have had an amazing start! King’s music has carved out a place for itself in the business and continues to rise on all charts.

Jordan has also managed and organized a number of important events for artists like Fat Joe, Nelly, Akon, T.I., N.O.R.E., and others through his promotional event company, TUK Events, which has offices in Toronto and New York City. It will keep expanding in this manner.

Jordan, a real estate expert and multiple entrepreneur, has established a significant following among his peers and audience since his debut in 2011. Now, he wants to form alliances with prominent venture capitalists who share the same vision and make it possible for extremely talented independent artists to advance in their careers.

According to some of the most recent reports, almost 82.1 million Americans are paid subscribers to on-demand music streaming, which accounts for 84% of the revenue generated by the music industry in the United States. A small number of researchers also predict that NFTs will soon cause a disruption in the music industry.

These figures demonstrate that innovative platforms are leading this revolution and paving the way for independent artists. Significant investment funds have also shown an interest in these most recent trends.

Selling masters to large investment funds is another exciting trend that is gaining significant traction. The number of rights deals with musicians, songwriters, and other creatives has skyrocketed, according to some experts.

“Because music is an art, truly gifted individuals ought to have the opportunity to exhibit their work to the general public. That is my objective, and venture capitalists can act as a catalyst in this direction! Jordan made a comment. He added, “Online streaming has been a major driver for this renewed growth. I believe this is a golden era for the music industry.”

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