Is cellulite eliminated by the FasciaBlaster? How Ashley Black’s Myofascial Tool Phenomenon Overcame the Cellulite Market’s Glass Ceiling

By: Golnaz


Could something SO Basic, painless and cheap be the enchanted slug? Does cellulite disappear with the FasicaBlaster?
For a direct-to-consumer product to accumulate the millions of dollars required to carry out this level of research is a significant undertaking. It is particularly refreshing considering that no other beauty, massage, or fascia device possesses this level of scientific significance. In addition, no other medical device, including expensive spa treatments or stem cells, has ever demonstrated through ultrasound that tissue regeneration is even possible.
Regarding the FasciaBlaster’s ability to eliminate cellulite, “The Effects of Fascia…” found that 100% of the study’s participants experienced a significant reduction in cellulite. Besides, the
study showed that sash control or utilizing the FasciaBlaster is protected, successful, and non-
obtrusive in its way to deal with diminishing the presence of surface cellulite. At baseline and 90 days, the three images below were taken at the skin’s surface. In these before and after photos, the significant difference in skin and cellulite is plain to see.
The clinical study included 35 adult women and a control group of people between the ages of 33 and 45. Over the course of ninety days, each participant was instructed to use the FasciaBlaster to self-administer fascia manipulation protocols. An ultrasound was used to determine the results, and the participants’ torsos were measured for body composition, metabolism, the tissue surrounding the subcutaneous fat, and blood chemistry for 90 days. The women were informed that they could not alter their diet or exercise in order to avoid a null hypothesis. Except for using the asciaBlaster system in accordance with the scientists’ instructions, the participants were basically forbidden from altering any aspect of their lives.
could become disabled. Fierce passion in the world:
The FasciaBlaster’s ability to get rid of cellulite is a nice byproduct of the Curull Uial’s impact.
In the entertainment industry, Black’s invention has unquestionably made waves; The FasciaBlaster has been promoted by Molly Sims and Kourtney Kardashian, and the product itself has been featured on elite shows like The Today Show, Extra, and even Primer Impacto in the Latin media market, as well as in W Magazine, Forbes, and Harpers Bizarre.
Black cites the passion of her customers as evidence of their desire for non-invasive, healthy, and sustainable solutions to their health and beauty issues when asked about the global impact of her company. In addition, Black claims that FasciaBlaster’s success is due to her innovation in muscle recovery. By breaking up adhesions, I could fix things trainers couldn’t,” she claims.
“Will not stop until every man, woman, and child on this planet knows that they have fascia and that with healthy fascia, you can have exponentially better health,” Black said in an interview with Forbes. I assure you that my modest success in reducing cellulite is nothing more than a blip on the radar.”



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