How Justin Woll Goes Above and Beyond for His Business and His Students

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Justin Woll, the passionate Founder and CEO of Beyond Six Figures and winner of multiple 2 Comma Club awards, over-delivers for his clients and students by going above and beyond. He is a charismatic charmer with a flair for financial success which he cultivated from a young age, by society’s standards.

At just 15 years old, Woll fell in love with marketing and sales and became an entrepreneur, launching his own digital community. Additionally, having to move in with his grandparents at such a young age, he latched onto his newly-fledged entrepreneurial spirit as a lifeline.

Woll started his new passion in developing the gaming company, LINK, and recruiting the best professional gamers to play in curated eSports tournaments. In fact, these competitions gained him notoriety and sponsorships for him and his teammates. From this successful foray into entrepreneurship, he bought his first car, himself, at age 17 and learned that he had quite the knack for building businesses from scratch.

From gaming ventures to eCommerce marketing, Woll’s career quickly advanced into producing content on social media, including on YouTube, founding an 8-figure business, all without finishing college. Before running Beyond Six Figures, he launched two subscription box companies and two Shopify stores. He was also a mentor during this time, and that is how his company today was born.

He attended Rutgers University and created his current enterprise, Beyond Six Figures, in 2016 in his college dorm room. A master of his craft, Woll won the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Award too. Then, in 2017, he went all in, dropped out, and burgeoned something truly spectacular: a space that teaches eCommerce business owners how to scale. He became a millionaire at just 23 years old through sharing his results and receiving a flock of followers and students.

Passion and Craft

His most recent entrepreneurial project is here to stay. It was born from the immediate success he was having by helping his fellow students in college, engaging in various activities, and running numerous independent social media groups. He now has the highest student success rate in the industry, and one of his secrets is using Facebook and Instagram ads for consistent results.

Woll was popular in college, and success has followed him everywhere! His YouTube channel, which has begun producing regular content as of a month ago, is already a huge hit. He is the perfect example of someone who is successful because they actually love the suffering that comes with their passion and craft.

An artist is successful because they not only love seeing their finished product, they love making each brushstroke, mixing colors, and setting up and cleaning their workstation. Woll loves what he does in a similar way, and he is so financially successful because he focuses on the parts that come before profits.

A hard worker that hosts masterclasses every Sunday for over six hours, Woll is known for going the extra mile, on a personal level, for his clients because he truly loves what he does.

Beyond Six Figures

Beyond Six Figures is the essential business to help clients launch eCommerce companies. Woll understands marketing angles, average order values, and conversion rates and utilizes this knowledge to help his business grow while helping others do the same. In addition, the company offers 24-hour support and quality service — a feature he is passionate about — to ensure there is always someone excellent on hand to over-deliver to his students.

“You have to have systems, make sure your product is a winner, and be able to pivot when it’s not,” he said. “I apply this strategy to my teachings and my business. If I don’t have systems in place to teach people about putting their own in place, I’m a hypocrite. You have to practice what you preach. You have to have a proven offer and the consistency to push to the limit.”

Woll maintains that while you can be absolutely stellar and go above-and-beyond in one direction, you also need to have the ability to build momentum and adapt just as quickly.

Switching gears when needed has brought him to where he is today. From gamer to subscription box connoisseur and Shopify mogul to YouTube sensation to millionaire business owner, Woll has done it all, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

About Justin Woll

Justin Woll is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Six Figures, which teaches eCommerce businesses how to scale. Has won numerous 2 Comma Club Awards and has helped hundreds of clients start, grow, and scale their eCommerce business. Click here to learn how to scale your business beyond six figures:


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