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The international rap artist S.O., who is based in Texas, has just released his new EP titled Larry Ginni Crescent. He has also shared the music video for “Want You, which is one of the standout tracks. The video, which debuted today only on Flaunt, is led by S.O.’s fans, who assisted the artist in creating a moving fan montage video about love and commitment.

S.O.’s most recent album, Augustine’s Legacy, which was dedicated to his late father and his first child, was a huge success, and this EP follows suit. He returns to his Nigerian birthplace with his new album, naming the album after the street in Lagos where he lived as a child and bringing a sense of nostalgia with him.

The artist wrote and composed this new album. He also produced it with his longtime collaborator, Grammy-nominated producer GP, and new Nigerian producers SteveRawd and TBabz. The lead singles he has previously released include “Kinda Love,” which he dedicates to his wife and celebrates the virtues of their relationship, and “Corner (O Ti De),” in which he sings, “no babalawo in my corner, just God putting things in order.” S.O. is all set to take the EP to new heights with the sultry R&B-infused track “Want You.”

S.O. reveals that “Want You” was one of their final songs for this project. According to him, “GP snuck it in at the last minute and helped with the melody.” I love it when a song just comes to me: from the very first line, through the hook, all the way through the production. Another love song, but this time it’s for everyone in a committed relationship, not just my wife. This is also shown in the video. My idea was for people all over the world to share videos of their partners. It was turned into a video with people from all walks of life sharing their love from all over the world. I can’t wait for the video to come out.

S.O. has sold out shows on three continents and has more than 40 million global streams. It has also reached the Top 30 on the Billboard Rap album and Christian album charts, the Top 10 on the Billboard Heatseekers album chart, and the Top 5 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap album chart. He is most definitely an international artist in every sense of the word, having lived in Lagos, London, and now Texas.

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