Dr Gabe Works Pays A Visit To The Famous TikTok House

By: Golnaz


As you probably know, TikTok is the hottest app you or your niece are addicted to right now. Many TikTok stars share gigantic houses like the Hype House, the Sway House, and the Clubhouse Beverly Hills for cross promotion or collaborations. Most of us are inside because of the lockdown and the curfew for the protests. Many of our beloved TikTokers are indoors at their shared mansions for most of the day.

If you’ve been following these TikTok houses, you may have noticed cameos from the celebrity dentist himself, Dr. Gabe Rosenthal. Dr. Gabe can’t slow down during these times. He’s made appearances with Clubhouse roommates like Charly Jordan and Kinsey.

The socializing is limited, but everyday patients and celebrities alike want nice smiles and clean teeth. Dr. Gabe and crew have been bringing the office to them while they’re stuck at home. This is not just a flashlight and a mirror, but many of these stars are receiving Digital X rays, cleanings, whitenings and even fillings just a few feet from their couch or flash ring!

Dr. Gabe says that strange times call for creative innovation. “I used to visit nursing homes to treat some patients, but during this extended lockdown I decided to take my services to the next level. To my patients directly!” Some patients miss their dental visits, but with everything on wheels they won’t have to! Who knows what the future holds, but with this new innovation, will we start seeing an Uber level dental world too? I’m all for it!


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