Damon Woodward: The remarkable financial rewards of real estate investing are available to everyone.

By: Golnaz


Real estate investing can help people achieve their financial objectives much sooner than most people would anticipate, whether they are dissatisfied with their nine-to-five job or looking for a way to save for retirement. A single rental property is all that is required to begin a real estate business and guarantee a steady stream of rental income.

Damon Woodward is the CEO of Leadway Holdings Ltd. and Blackcard University in addition to being a well-known investor. He has firsthand experience with the advantages of real estate investing and runs a profitable real estate business. On his YouTube channel, he frequently posts day-in-the-life videos to motivate newcomers to keep working hard on their businesses.

Damon advises everyone who wants to start a business to first invest in themselves. Damon spent more than $100,000 on training and preparing when he was simply beginning in land. ” Damon stated, “The lightbulb kind of went on when I made $68,000 on my very first real estate transaction.” I made $68,000 from investing $19,000. Because of this, I decided to put more money into my education so that I could eventually make more money.”

Damon makes sense of the advantages of putting resources into land and encourages on the most proficient method to begin a fruitful land effective financial planning business. In addition to investing in their own businesses, he makes the observation that all investors ought to give back to the community and invest in community projects.

He thinks that being able to turn investments into something that is good for everyone in the community is one of the most important skills a real estate investor needs. Damon bought more than 80 homes in 2020, 11 of which he plans to flip. Even though he got paid a lot, many of these units needed renovations that cost millions of dollars, so he got paid a lot.

Damon tends to hire local tradespeople, such as plumbers, carpenters, notaries—basically anyone who can assist—when a property he plans to flip needs renovations. He believes that he has a significant impact on the world and the people he interacts with by investing back into the community.

Damon asserts, “The real estate industry and community connection is both correlative and causal.” The appreciation of capital assets will accelerate and grow over time if you give back to the community and work to make it better. Sometimes you have to look further into the future; Everyone will be content if you can see the big picture and comprehend the significance of giving back. That is the method by which everyone can benefit from real estate investing.

Damon frequently provides guidance and pointers on his Instagram account (@damonwoodward3) to assist novices in the real estate industry. Additionally, he frequently contributes useful real estate strategies to his YouTube channel. Every one of those keen on acquiring information and involvement with land ought to look at Blackcard College, an esteemed land preparing organization.



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