Beauty advice from Ellen Alexander, a well-known American model, actress, and singer

By: Golnaz


Ellen Alexander, who has a lot of ambition and is stunning, has agreed to tell us a few secrets about how she keeps her beauty that has won over Hollywood and famous magazines like L’Officiel, SHAPE, and VOGUE.

Tip No. 1 : Keep well!

Ellen Alexander always emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s health. Particularly now, when you should treat your body with double the care it deserves. Ellen is of the opinion that beauty is within. It’s a good mood and a smile. To appear on the covers of the most well-known magazines, it is not enough to have striking hair and makeup. You want to stand by listening to yourself and deal with your physical and mental state. Ellen suggests that you never neglect yourself, monitor your health, or make any effort to always feel at ease. Take care of yourself, and beauty will follow.

Tip No. 2 : Clean up!

It’s difficult for Ellen’s skin during model shootings. A thick layer of cosmetics, a plethora of makeup products, fixing sprays—it’s frightening to imagine how worn out the skin is even after one photo shoot. However, Ellen is aware of an excellent care recipe. You will be astonished, yet it’s extremely straightforward one: Wash your hands as soon as you notice that your skin is tired! You won’t believe this, but this useful life hack was popular in ancient Egypt. For instance, Queen Cleopatra, who was known for her beauty, washed almost seven times per day to maintain her youthful appearance.

Tip No. 3 : Your best friend is a massage brush with natural bristles.

Using a specialized bristle brush to massage her face and body is one of Ellen’s favorite beauty routines. In point of fact, such a brush is an amazing instrument. The metabolic processes are stimulated, excess liquid, slags, and toxins are removed, and dead skin cells are exfoliated with this massage. Additionally, it reduces swelling and produces an “orange peel” effect while also enhancing blood circulation and lymph flow.

Tip No. 4 : Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Ellen encourages you to try new things with your appearance because she enjoys doing so. Experiments give you a chance to see yourself in a different light, to appreciate new aspects of yourself, and to boost your spirits. Change doesn’t have to scare you! Give your heart the choice.

Tip No. 5 : Accept who you are!

Ellen was confident in her beauty and knew she would succeed in the modeling industry, so she never had complexes. Frequently, all that is required to shine and win the hearts of millions is one small detail: conviction in oneself Accept your beauty for what it is, believe in yourself, and don’t give in to inner criticism.

Tip No. 6 : Move!

Every evening, Ellen tries to go for a walk. She stays in shape and participates in sports. According to Ellen, you won’t need much effort for this: simply move, and take the stairs. It is sufficient for your body and health.

Tip No. 7 : Allow yourself to indulge in something tasty.

Naturally, Ellen frequently rejects certain foods, such as sweet and fatty foods. However, she occasionally indulges in something delectable for herself. This is great advice for people who are constantly dieting, for instance: Be reasonable but don’t set any limits on yourself. After all, any rules can lead to a real breakdown, which is very hard to go through. Love who you are. A good mood and beauty go hand in hand, and sometimes a little chocolate is all you need.



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